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Quality you can bank on is our philosophy!  

We sell only the best and most reliable water softeners available Guaranteed. 

To ensure the highest quality every time your water softener will be custom built just for you only after ordering it.  

Not just made in America, 

Made With Pride In



I'm Matt Redd, owner and founder of Flat Rate Softener LLC,

Many years ago as a youth I learned a valuable lesson, simply put. 

(A job worth doing,

is a job worth doing right!)

You can rest easy that your job will be done correctly! 

All of our customers, past present and future, can have the piece of mind knowing that no corners are ever cut just to save a buck.

Talk to the owner,

Call or text me 801-559-7638



Each customer has differing needs and for that reason prices do vary, but on average customers report that our price was half the price of other companies they called.

Water Softeners are a lot like cars.  You can buy really expensive ones you can buy really cheep ones.  But when you buy form us you get an amazing reliable one with a limited lifetime warranty.  

Many great options to choose from!




When it comes to water softeners we don't have just one we have three great options for you. 

H2O Silver

Platinum Pure Elite

Custom Built

H2O Silver, is a tremendous value at half the cost of most competitors you can have soft water for a fraction of the cost.

Platinum Pure Elite, Not just a softener This state of the art machine softeners your water while removing some of the most common chemical contaminants in our water supply. Its a jump-start to a healthier you.

Custom Built. If you find a quality water softener any ware in the wold we can custom build a machine to match the specification and performance often for a lot less. Please call us to discuss custom options.



Filtration& Softening

Water Pouring Animation.gif

All the water you consume gets filtered.  The question is, do you want your body to filter it or do you want it filtered before it enters your body?

Our Ultimate package is a world class system that offers both ultimate filtration and softening capability for the very best water quality. 

A lot of equipment goes into a system like this but for ease of understanding think of it in these four categories.

Stage 1: Whole house Filtration

Stage 2: Water Softener

Stage 3: UV sterilization

Stage 4: Reverse Osmosis


Soften & Filter


Whole home softening and filtration.

Pairing your water softener with a While home filtration system is the Ideal way to maximize the benefits to you, your homes plumbing and your families health. 

Whole home filtration removes sediments that can clog your plumbing and build up in the bottom of you water heater causing it to be less efficient.


Whole home filtration removes Chlorine!  This means your clothing will not fade as fast, your water will taste much better and your fine glasses and china won't discolor or etch.  

On top of removing chlorine Whole home filtration systems remove or significantly reduce the amount of toxic chemicals in your water.  You can think of it like a giant Brita* filter for your home.

* Brita, is a registered trademark of Brita LP and is not affiliated with Flat Rate Softener LLC

We also build custom water softeners

Perhaps a box option isn't right for you. If one of our standard options won't do, give us a call and we can custom-build a softener or filtration system for your needs.  We can even custom build a system with all the technical specifications of most competitor's products often for a lot less.

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