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Utah's Best Water Softeners!

Matt Softening Utah water since 2016

Hi I'm Matt, 

To do a water softener properly it does not require rocket science, but it is a complicated subject matter. 

For that reason a quick conversation with a pro may be more helpful so, please feel free to

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What we do!

Flat Rate Water Softener Company Utah
Utah Water Softener: Whole House Carbon FIlter

Whole House
Water Filtration

Sometimes called Point of Entry Filtration or POE, a whole house filtration system is a great asset to have and here's why.

Carbon filters are known to remove or significantly reduce over 120 contaminants including chlorine.

Beyond removing chemicals, here are some more benefits to a whole house carbon filtration system:

*Significantly improves the flavor of drinking water.

*Removes odor from your water.

*Clothing will be softer.

*Fabrics will not fade as quickly.

*Whites stay white longer.

*Softer hair and skin.

*Less skin irritation.

​It is simple and easy to add a carbon filter to any water softener system so be sure to ask about one today.

Utah Water Softeners

Water Softeners

Utah has extremely hard water so a water softener is an absolute must.  Although people often talk about the mechanical aspects of owning a water softener, let's talk about the benefits for you. 


You can expect your water softener to give you smoother and softer skin and hair.  You will have cleaner dishes with less spots and yes, a much cleaner shower and toilet! 

Soft water uses soap more efficiently so you can cut back on all cleaners and soaps by as much as 50%. 

So go ahead and treat yourself and prolong the life of all of your water using appliances at the same time. As an added bonus, your gas bill might even go down as well.  By eliminating buildup in your water heater, it's efficiency can improve by 30%.

Utah Water Softener: Reverse Osmosis

Purified Drinking Water

Reverse Osmosis drinking water.  What is it? The process of reverse osmosis forces water through a membrane with holes so small that it filters out practically all contaminants leaving you with only clean, pure water that tastes great.​

Add a reverse osmosis system at your kitchen sink for pure, clean and fresh tasting water year round.  Reverse osmosis can also be run to your refrigerator for the best ice and water you have ever had.

Reverse Osmosis 

dramatically reduces and in some cases completely removes: 

  • Chlorine

  • Lead

  • Mercury

  • VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)

  • Cysts

  • Sediments 

  • And almost 100 others!

We sell the best water softeners in Utah for the best price guaranteed.  It doesn't matter where you live: Park City, Herriman, South Jordan, Riverton, Saratoga Springs or Salt Lake County, we can give you the best water softener available. We do not skimp on quality.  We just have less overhead and we pass the savings onto you!  One call to us can literally save you thousands!


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Our best water softener Utah
Utah Reverse Osmosis purified drinking water
Whole Home water filtration for Utah Residents

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