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$100 off any softener

Bundle and save big!

Get $100 off any softener when you purchase together with a point of entry or whole house water filter.

Adding a whole house point of entry filter is an amazing investment in your health and it will prolong the life of your water softener.  Check out what it can do for you click here.


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Expires 06/30/2021

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Water Maker

Reverse Osmosis

This amazing new Reverse Osmosis System is state of the art with its new all in one design. This simplified filter design makes it the easiest Revers Osmosis system to own and operate ever! 


Now only $899 installed! Even better, only $799 when purchased with a water softener.

Please ask for this promo during your initial consultation.

Expires 06/30/2021

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Salt Delivery


We do all the heavy lifting!

10 Bags of recommended salt pellets

+ Free white glove delivery to your home.  We fill your system with salt and set the remaining bags close at hand to be added by you as needed.

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Free Second Opinion!

It seems silly to say it like this but we want you to know that quotes for prospective customers are always FREE.

If you're interested in a water softener, call 801-559-7638 for a free quote.  If you have a quote from a competitor and want a second opinion, we can do that for free and in most cases, we can do it over the phone.

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Our online store contains only a very small selection of limited time offerings and they change periodically.  While our online store does not have everything we offer, it does have some of our best kept secrets.   All prices therein are only available if you purchase online.  

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  • Reverse Osmosis in Granite counter tops extra.