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Utah Salt Free Water Conditioners

Salt Free Water Conditioners

Do we sell a salt-free option?  Yes, we do!

Please call us to discuss some important details so we can build a unit to suit your needs. ​While you're here, let's talk about Salt Free Water Conditioners. 


In the world of Salt Free Water Conditioners, there are two types:

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Type 1

Sequestering Unit

This is the type we sell. It is a sequestering unit.  This unit has a cartridge that as water passes through, it releases trace amounts of phosphate media that binds to and encapsulates many of the harsh minerals in the water.  These encapsulated minerals are then unable to bind to surfaces like your shower, appliances, dishes and inside your water heater.  Many real world customers report this type of unit also has the added benefit of a retroactive cleaning,  meaning that the water treated by our salt-free water conditioner will have a cleaning effect and help to remove existing scale buildup on your fixtures, shower heads, toilets and even the inner workings of your water heater.  Our version operates in an almost identical way to the version you once saw infomercials for on TV.  The good news is that we can sell ours for less without the big name branding on it. 

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Type 2

Ion Exchange

Ion exchange water conditioner units have a special resin inside that "magically" removes minerals.  Unfortunately, despite a lot of hype from those who sell them for $2000-$3000, they do almost nothing except drain your wallet. 


Our decision not to sell them is based on a couple of factors:

  1. They are temperamental at best and very vulnerable to damage by chlorine.  Anyone installing one without a carbon filter will soon find out that the very expensive resin inside is rendered useless due to chlorine damage.

  2. Unlike a traditional salt using water softener that can run continuously for 20+ years, salt free units under the best ideal conditions can last a whopping 5 years, then it's time to buy another one or pay a lot and rebuild the one you have.


People ask for these all the time and we will be glad to sell you one once the technology reaches a better and more reliable state. 

Water Foam
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Our sequestering units comes with a 60 day guarantee!  If the results don't impress you, we will apply the entire purchase amount (less the installation cost) towards one of our traditional water softeners purchased from and installed by us. 

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