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About Us


Quality you can bank on is our philosophy!  

We sell only the best and most reliable water softeners available Guaranteed!

To ensure the highest quality every time, your water softener will be custom built just for you only after ordering it.  

Not just made in America, 

Made With Pride In



I'm Matt Redd, owner and founder of Flat Rate Softener LLC,

Many years ago as a youth I learned a valuable lesson, simply put. 

(A job worth doing,

is a job worth doing right!)

You can rest easy that your job will be done correctly! 

All of our customers, past present and future, can have the piece of mind knowing that no corners are ever cut just to save a buck.

Talk to the owner,

Call or text me 801-559-7638



Each customer has differing needs and for that reason prices do vary, but on average customers report that our price was half the price of other companies they called.

Water Softeners are a lot like cars.  You can buy really expensive ones you can buy really cheep ones.  But when you buy form us you get an amazing reliable one with a limited lifetime warranty.  

How We Came About

I started Flat Rate Water Softeners because I knew that too many people were frustrated with plumbers in general.  The primary complaints were that plumbers are too expensive, too "shady", or too forceful with their sales techniques. This is how we set out to solve those issues . . .

Forest Lake

We Are Not Expensive

We can offer lower pricing because we are specialized in just one thing. We do not have the overhead of many expensive plumbing tools. Less tools and equipment equal better prices. Specializing in one thing, water conditioning, means that we are laser focused and well trained.

We Are Not Forceful

Our job is not to force anyone into a sale. We simply educate our customers and let them make the decision that is best for them. 

We Are Not "Shady"

We will never be caught in a shady position because we give all our customers HONEST, FREE and UPFRONT pricing.  No games! No shady business! Who else dares to do that?  NOBODY!

We hope our website gives you good information and helps you decide what you need for your family and home. If you would like a water softener, we would love to hear from you! Please call 801-559-7638 but if you don't, no hard feelings!  We hope you leave knowing more about water softening and conditioning than you did when you came.

Thanks for visiting!

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