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Water Softener Systems

About Water Softeners

How can we sell for less than our competition?

It's simple, we have almost no overhead while some companies have literally hundreds of employees and massive office and warehouse space. We do not!


Our business model is simple.

We come to you and your home, so we do not need a large fancy office. That saves us and you a lot of money. We have a relationship with the manufacturer of our water softeners. We don't even buy your water softener until you order it. Our installer will pick it up and install it in your house on the same day, so we do not have to have a large warehouse. This, too, keeps costs down and overhead low.


Our products are not cheaper or inferior. 

In many cases, they are the exact same identical units others are charging more for. In short, our innovative business model saves you money. We apologize for not having a showroom but we hope our low prices make up for that.

New water softeners for Deer Mountain Utah.

Water Softeners

Water Softeners do more than you think. Not only do they keep your shower, toilet and dishes cleaner but soft water can improve and even eliminate your itchy dry skin as well.  What separates us from our competition is our unique ability to offer the best prices on water softeners in Utah.​

Gold Fusion Water softeners for  Daniel Utah

Does this softener look familiar? You are correct, it is the same exact one the other companies are selling.  Yet, somehow, we are selling it for thousands less!  We have less overhead so you can get the same softener for a lot less $$.​

Safe drinking water for park City Utah

Drinking Water


Reverse Osmosis (RO) drinking water is the best tasting and cleanest water you can get in your home.  Because RO water systems remove practically all contaminants, it really is the best and most healthy water you can drink. RO water systems remove Chlorine, lead, mercury, volatile organic compounds and MANY other contaminants. 


Bundle and save! Add reverse osmosis and a whole house carbon filter to any water softener for one great price.  Some companies charge 10k for that package deal, we can do it for less than half.


We do not skimp on quality, we just have less overhead and can pass the savings on to you.

Reverse osmosis systems in Summit county Utah
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