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Affordable Water Softeners for Herriman, UT

Reverse osmosis systems Utah

What makes our water softener the best water softener for Herriman City? Herriman has, as you may already know, VERY hard water! This makes residents of Herriman easy targets for crooks and scoundrels trying to capitalize on them.  Here is what separates us from the rest: 

Do not fall for gimmicks and door to door salesmen.  You do not have to pay $2500 or more for an amazing water softener.  Give us a call today!  Since we sell multiple softeners with many different features, we can safely say  we sell the exact same system as the other guys but for less money--guaranteed!  And guess what?  We do not need to spend an hour of your precious time boring you with a high pressure sales pitch.  In fact, in most cases, we can give you a quote over the phone!

We have several amazing water softeners to choose from.  Since the water is so hard in Herriman, we have developed a very special water softener just for Herriman. We call it the .222 Softener System.  This unit is a two tank alternating system that automatically switches back and forth so you literally can not run out of soft water.  Why would this be needed? Since Herriman has insanely hard water, let's say you have a standard unit with only one tank and let's say it is capable of producing 2,000 gallons of soft water before it needs to stop and regenerate.  Well, what will happen if you reach the maximum of 2,000 gallons mid day?  Does it regenerate immediately and affect water pressure in the home while it is operating?  Will it wait until 2am leaving you without any soft water for the rest of the day?  If you run out mid day and someone takes a shower, then your water heater will be refilled with hard water, meaning even after the softener is regenerated and back on line, your next shower will have hard water not soft.  With a two tank system it is almost impossible to run out.

Our .222 Softener System is also extremely efficient with its salt usage.  This is because two smaller tanks use less salt than one large tank with the same capacity.  We are only advertising the .222 softener system on this page of our website so if you call today and ask about one for your home, we will give you an incredible $200 off our already low prices. 

One thing I am happy about is many builders, especially in the Herriman and South Jordan areas, are installing tank-less water heaters as a standard feature.  This is an awesome energy saving feature and something you will definitely love, however it requires a little commitment on your part.  All major manufactures require a water softener as a part of the warranty on a tank-less water heater so do not delay!  Get your new water softener today! Call 801-559-7638

Don't let the fear of the unknown get you down. Our prices are fair and honest.  If you need a little extra, we promise it will only cost a little extra.  Our prices are so low that most customers do not even inquire about financing but we do offer it for those who qualify. 

You can also call us for a FREE second opinion, even over the phone! Contact us today for your free, no obligation quote.

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