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Online Pricing, This is a bit of an experiment for us.  We understand that in today's world you want a water softener but simply want a price so you can decide yes or no without feeling pressure. 

Our solution is this! No salesmen, no sales pitch nothing.  By filling out the form below you do not have to speak with anyone. You will receive in your email a NO OBLIGATION invoice. If you like it, then pay the the invoice online and we will custom make your softener and schedule the installation when it is ready, Its that simple! Please, the only hard part is we ask you read and understand the information below as it is important to know what is and is not going to be included.

Cancellation Policy. 

1. If you don't pay the invoice you haven't committed to anything, so no cancellation needed. Simple ignore or delete the invoice you receive. (this applies to the prepaid online softeners only)

2. If you paid the invoice but want to cancel? 

     A: Cancellation within 12 hours, we have already paid a 3% credit processing fee that we can not get back so you will receive a full refund minus 3% to cover this expense to us.

     B: Cancellation after 12 hours. Work on building your equipment has already begun we will now be left with equipment intended for you and have to disassemble or rework it to fit another customers needs. You will receive a refund of your purchase less the 3% processing fee and minus a $100 cancellation rework fee.


1. Our online pricing includes standard installation defined as:

A.  No cutting of drywall and defiantly no repairing of drywall if your installation requires drywall cutting to run new piping, this option isn't for you! (typically water softeners are installed in your utility room in proximity to your water heater. Go check that area out to see if things look good for a water softener install.)

B. No Concrete drilling. If we need to drill a hole in a concrete, or a concrete surface as part of installing or running new pipes. Then this option isn't for you. Wall anchors in concrete to secure your equipment are include if necessary.

C. Included, Up to 30 liner ft (up, down, over, across and through) of new piping.  If it will take more than that please let us know and we can add it to you emailed invoice. (to help you decide if this excludes you. We need to tie into you homes main water line before it branches off to different locations, like bathrooms and the kitchen otherwise those locations may not get soft water. If the first branch is more than 30 liner ft of pipe away let us know that in the notes on the form.)

D. Power, electrical outlet must be within 14 liner ft of softener installation location. (You are allowed to use and extension cord but please have one ready before your installation.)

E. Drain, Adequate drainage (typically a floor drain) must be in close proximity to softener installation site. We can sometimes share a drain with a laundry washing machine if that is close also. (Drain must work and be able to accept 5gpm of flow.)

F. Copper pipes, are a thing of the past, we will transition your copper to PEX piping and all installation related pipe work will be PEX.

G. Location and access, Location does matter easy access to installation is appropriated and access should be disclosed in advance of purchasing the online softener. (Things like is the softener to be installed in a crawlspace? Is the installation address on the 4th floor or higher of a building without an elevator?  Do we need to scheduled access with renters or tenants?)

H.  Animals, we love your pets but sometimes they are too good at defending your castle. Even though you invite us in they may not like our presence.  The process of installation, and equipment we use, noises maid, may confuse or scare your pet. Please secure you pets in such a way that biting or injuring our installer would be impossible!

I.  Your homes (whole home) pressure reducing valve called a PRV must work and must reduce incoming water pressure to 80PSI or less otherwise installation will be delayed until that issue is resolved.

J. Unforeseen circumstances.  Every home is unique and sometimes problems unique to your home will arise resulting in the need for "something extra."  Typically we will spot these type of things prior to starting but sometimes it will not be known until installation has begun so to be as honest and fair as possible.  We will cover the installation of that "something extra" but you WILL be asked and required to pay the price of those extra components.

Our Full service quotes and installation do not have these terms and conditions because when we come to your home for for a consolation we can see and talk through any issues before we give our quote. So if that option appeals to you please give us a call 801-559-7638 Otherwise the form below will expedite the process.

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