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Water Softener FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does a water softener cost?
    The best way to communicate the cost of a water softener is to use an analogy. The analogy is, "How much does a car cost?" The answer would be, the cost depends on the make, model and any upgraded options you choose. Water softeners are much like cars; both cheap and expensive ones will get you from point A to point B. A good quality one will make the trip MANY more times without any breakdowns. A good quality water softener will also use much less salt than a cheap one and in many cases, up to 40% less salt. For these reasons, we do not sell cheap softeners nor do we sell ultra high end softeners because the cost to benefit ratio just isn't high enough. Using the car analogy again, we sell the Honda of water softeners. They are well-built quality machines designed to last and hold their value. Factors that determine price: How hard is the water at your home? How many people live in the home full time? Was the home pre-plumbed for a water softener? If not, your homes' unique layout is a factor. Do you have specific requirements for faucets or outside hoses that should or shouldn't be soft? Is your basement finished and do we have access to run new pipes if necessary? As you can see, A LOT goes into sizing and installing a water softener properly. The only way to accurately give you a real price is to visit with you and answer the questions above. Feel free to call or text us 801-559-7638 so we can get you an up front, no obligation quote that is specific to your needs and requirements.
  • What cities do you work in?
    Our standard service area is quite large and covers from North Salt Lake city south to Santiquin and from Tooele to Heber city. If your live outside this area we are still happy to serve you give us a call and lets discuss your needs.
  • Will I have to sit through a long presentation?
    NO, we would never do that to you. With a few simple questions and sometimes a quick 3 min walk through of your home we can give you a acurate price!
  • How long does it take?
    Typically we can install within 72 hours of receiving your order! Many of our customers buy multipul items such as a softener and a reverse osmosis system, or a whole home filtration system. Every home an installation is unique but you shoulld plan on a minimum of 2 hours and a bit more depending what you have purchassed.
  • What if I need service or warranty repair?
    Getting a service or warranty repair is easy just call 801-559-7638 Each system purchased from us has a minimum 3 year warranty and most of our systems have a limited lifetime warranty so you have nothing to worry about. For the first calandar year from purchase all warranty repairs are free! For the remainder of the warranty period the manufacture provides the parts for free and you only pay a $75 installation charge.
  • What salt should I use in my new system?
    This is a very good question, the short answer is salt pellets! Typically pellets come in the yellow bag, so look for the yellow bag get that one. If you need salt let us do all the heavy lifting for a small flat rate we will do all the heavy lifting and deliver salt directly to your softener. Call 801-559-7638 to schedual.
  • My system has a service reminder message?
    That message could mean several things but do not worry it shouldnt effect your systems ability to run. If you purchased the water softener from us and it has a service reminder message, that message is most likely a reminder to change your carbon filter. Call us to either purchase a replacement to do yourself or schedual us to come do it for you. 801-559-7368
  • Do you have a referal program?
    Yes we do! If you know anybody looking for a water softener call us with their name and phone number and when they purchase a water softener you will receive $100. If you are an amazing sales person and cumulatively refer 6 people who purchase water softeners you will receive an additional $100 for the 6th. Thats $200 for the 6th referral!
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