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Salt Lake Residents: Do Water Softeners Give You Salted Water?

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Salt Lake Residents: Do Water Softeners Give You Salted Water?

You may be wondering: do water softeners give you salted water? In short, no. So why do water softeners use salt?

Depending on where you live in Salt Lake County, your water may be very hard! Particularly in the west side of the valley, there are many hard minerals that come into your water and can cause discoloration as well as “flavorful” water. If this is the case for you, it might be time for a water softener.

The salt in a water softener is used to make a brine solution. This solution is not added to the water that runs through the softener. Instead, however, the brine is used to clean the resin beads in the softener that are used to remove the calcium and magnesium from the water. Simply put, the salt that is added to a water softener helps keep it working.

How Much Sodium Does a Water Softener Add to My Water?

The amount of sodium that is added during the water softening process is miniscule, less than .43 parts per million (ppm). A glass of raw drinking water in Salt Lake might have anywhere from 6 to 79 ppm of sodium. After running through a water softener system, a glass of water from the same areas would have 6.43-79.43 ppm of sodium. In fact, it would take over 2,000 glasses of softened Salt Lake County water to give you the same amount of sodium that you would get from eating a bagel.

Why Do I Need a Water Softener?

Hard water can cause a lot of problems around the house. Here are some of the common issues facing Utah residents that might indicate you need a water softener.

  • Scale - Limescale buildup on appliances and around faucets is one of the most obnoxious signs that you need a water softener. Scale can clog up plumbing pipes and cause your home to become less water efficient. It can lead to deterioration of faucets and fixtures and be an eyesore. A water softener can significantly decrease the amount of limescale using ion technology.

  • Plumbing issues - Too many minerals present in your water can mean serious trouble for your pipes, particularly steel pipes. Minerals build up as limescale and cause water flow to be restricted, water pressure to be lowered, and even leakage from valves not being able to completely close. Your water bill might even go up due to your pipes having to work in overtime to get water through your house. This can drastically reduce the lifespan of your appliances, and can be easily helped with a water softener.

  • Dry, itchy skin - When there is extra calcium and magnesium present in your water, it can cause your skin and hair to become super dry and itchy. Instead of moisturizing your skin like it should, the water dries it out. The hard water can actually block your pores and lead to irritated, inflamed skin and black heads. A water softener reverses this and leaves your skin feeling more moisturized.

Flat Rate Water Softeners Can Help

At Flat Rate Water Softeners, we offer reasonable prices and speedy service to Salt Lake County, Utah, and the surrounding area. We can help all your hard water problems go away without making your water taste salty. Give us a call today for a free quote. You will not be disappointed!

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